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The principle of Contrast states that if 2 items are not exactly the same, then make them very different.

The idea behind contrast is to avoid elements that are kind of similar. If the elements are not the same, then make them very different. Contrast can be a visual attraction on a page rather than using a lot of useless images.Decide what kind of effect you want to achieve. Then look for ways you can make different items on your page stand out.

Contrast can be created in a plethora of ways. You can contrast large type with small, thick lines with thin ones, warm colors with cool colors, smooth textures with rough ones, etc. Contrast can also be used for better organization on your pages. Look at these 2 documents:

Without the typographic contrast, it is impossible to ascertain sequence or organization of the information..

In the right-hand example, typeface, type size, case and indents make the levels of information clearly obvious


No Contrast



In the above example notice how the headlines are significantly larger than the text they introduce. The body of your text should be set in sizes ranging from 8 to 12pts. When headlines are only marginally larger than the body, headlines are apt to be overlooked or considered mistakes.

Here are some additional tips on contrast:

Be strong with contrast. If you are going to use it, make it noticeable. It should look intentional rather than accidental.

Avoid redundant emphasis - Use the minimum number of contrast tools necessary to add emphasis to headlines and subheads. The use of multiple contrast tools often results in clutter rather than emphasis.






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