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These are the tips that I could not place on the other pages. I guess these are all miscellaneous tips.


Tip #1

Avoid Scattered, small clipart. - A single large illustration is often more effective than several small illustrations randomly on a page. choose the most important illustration and reproduce it large enough to where it becomes the dominant visual element. Several small illustrations clutter a page rather than create an atmosphere,


Tip #2

Avoid clutter - Excessive restraint when layering information. Clutter can result if you include too many levels of information, excessive font contrast, or incorporate to many graphic accents.


Tip #3

Avoid unnecessary boxes and horizontal rules - When reviewing your boxes and horizontal rules, ask yourself is it absolutely necessary. Graphic accents are often added out of habit rather than necessity. Often, better use of white space or stronger contrast does a better job of adding emphasis than boxes, rules and graphics.


Tip # 4

Avoid including too much information in pages. - Spread your info out on several pages, rather than packing one page. You want your reader to stay with you. A reader may lose interest if he/she has to read a book of text on one page. Feed it to them piecemeal.




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