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The principle of Repetition states that throughout the entire web site, repeat some aspect of the design.

Repetition can be as simple as a signature GIF or text on each page. Or maybe a bolded title., thick lines, bullets, color, etc. Repetition can be anything that will let a reader know that he/she is still on your site. Can you point out the repetitious elements on my web site?

Repetition is also a way to unify your site. Unifying your pages makes it easier to produce, and create a pleasing page-to-page consistency.

An example of repetition could be the use of color. You can use a specific color to identify and unify publication segments. Color makes it easy for readers to locate desired section of long publications. When preparing a site with a lot of info, you can make it easy for readers to locate a particular section.

Here's an example:

  Look at the organization (or the lack there of) of the text. When you get to the end of the page, your eyes seem to wonder off the page.
  Now, notice that everything is flushed left. That's an example of repetition. And when you get to the end, your eyes should bounce back between the bold type elements


Here are some additional tips on repetition:

Avoid repeating elements so much that it becomes nauseating or overwhelming.

Take advantage of those elements that you are already using to make a project consistent. turn those elements into repetitive graphic symbols.

If you have a strongly consistent publication, you can get away with some surprise elements. However, save those surprises for items you want to call special attention to.

Avoid overusing bold and italicized text - Exercise restraint when using bold or italicized type. Bold type is ideal for emphasizing. Random bolding may be very distractive.






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