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A lot of people think that a good web page is a page that is chocked full of the latest web technologies. Being up to date is good. However, good design sometimes get lost in the mixed. You can make a basic page look good just by the design itself. efective design costs no more than ineffective design. However, ineffective design cost more through wasted production and time.

The ultimate goal that you want to achieve is that you want your page to be "reader" or "eye" friendly. You don't want to make it hard for the reader to read or follow your text. If you set some sort of guidelines for your website, you can achieve a better effect your page. There are 4 basic design principles:


Although each of the above principles are discussed separately, keep in mine that they are connected. When you apply these principles, you should apply all of them, not just one.

If you understand these principles, you should be able to point out inconsistencies in many web pages or publications. You may even find some areas in this web site that break the rules. But remember this, good pages is what you strive for, not what you have already accomplished.

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