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There are several ways to go about getting added to the ring. They are as follows.

You can email any current member of the web ring and ask that they add you
You can use the first form below to email me, the ring mistress, and I will add you
You can add yourself by following the directions I have set out and using the second form below.

NOTE:::::  If you have any problems using the form below, you may e-mail your response to this form to :

To Be Added to the Ring by the RingMaster


Email Address:

Site ID Number:

You cannot actually be added until the links are placed and are set up properly. Your site will be checked out and you will be notified within a day when your site has been added to the Coleman Family Ring.


To Add New Members To The Ring

Please read the directions and understand them before you go thru them

Go to the Queue by clicking here.
Find your site name
Next to your site ID...there is an option to Add your site.
Choose Add site.
Enter a site ID of 1 and the password that you chose for your site. Then click on submit


If u understand these directions, Add yourself to the ring. Within minutes, you should receive your confirmation email.

Please make sure the code on your page is correct. If its not, visitors will not be able to traverse the ring. I will check the ring periodically, if your code is not correct, I will add u back to the queue. So, If u have problems, please email me


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